Last night, I went to the Relient K concert at the House of Blues in Chicago. I loved signing songs I haven’t listened to in so long such as “Mood Rings,”“Pink Tux to the Prom” and “Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet”. I was surprised I remembered all the lyrics. I am so excited about their new album coming out in July. They played four songs off the record and I am looking forward to hearing the rest. “Take You Home Tonight” is my favorite so far!

My favorite part of the concert? When Relient K and one of the opening acts, William Beckett, covered “About a Girl” by The Academy Is… I remember liking this song so much back in high school. It was fun to sing along. I came home to look up William Beckett because I really liked his set. It turns out he was the lead singer of The Academy Is… SO COOL.

I LOVE the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby; I didn’t mind the fact that the sound is too modern for the time period of the movie. I just hated the placement of most of the music. Like Crazy in Love. Why was the jazz music in the background so off?

The only two songs where I liked the placement was Young and Beautiful (why I posted it above) and No Church in the Wild.

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I think the original is pretty good, but I LOVE Andrew Ripp’s take on the song. He’s incredibly talented. Go listen to his live version of “The Good I’ll Do.” I’m obsessed with it.

I don’t want these memories to become slippery, to just disappear into the thin air of life the way most things seem to. I want them to stick – even the bad ones.

—Sara Zarr, Sweethearts (via simply-quotes)

(Source: simply-quotes, via simply-quotes)

Treat your ears right. Listen to this track.


Tell me how this happens. My cubicle mate wins a pair of tickets to Lollapalooza off a radio contest and offers me one. On Tuesday, she goes to pick up the tickets and sadly finds out that the tickets were only good for Saturday (even though the radio station told her 3-day passes). But it’s okay, because I end up winning 3-day tickets from an online contest hosted by a radio a few hours after she leaves to pick up her tickets!!!!! However, my tickets had to be picked up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is about 2.5 hours away from Chicago. The promoter said he could only mail them via USPS, but who knew if those would get to Chicago before Friday afternoon? But then, I just happen to have one friend who lives there to pick them up and overnight ship them to me! So thank you, Syd!!!! Crazy how things played out! Believe it or not, the story is actually crazier than what I wrote, but this is enough for you to get the point.

Lollapalooza, I’m ready for you!

after dinner walk along lakeshore drive! #thisischicago (Taken with Instagram)

after dinner walk along lakeshore drive! #thisischicago (Taken with Instagram)

Design inspired by my friend Justine, colors inspired by Pinterest. πŸ’… (Taken with Instagram)

Design inspired by my friend Justine, colors inspired by Pinterest. πŸ’… (Taken with Instagram)

Congrats Quincy Miller!

Congrats Quincy Miller!